My Story as an Entrepreneur

Greetings and welcome to this my blog story.
First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to get here, being able to be on any other website or social network.
Here you will know a little about me, Luis B. Rivera.
I hope that in one way or another I can help you to be successful in what you want to do or if I can help you as part of my international team, I can also help you.
Well, it all started on December 16, 1973 when Dr., my mom and I agreed that it was time to  that I was born. If that’s my date of birth.
From there, at the age of 13, I began to have an interest in business.
Where I started selling some products but of course without any great result.
Since then, several years have passed, I was in several opportunities and businesses, at 21 years of age I started again in this nutrition business that I had already started running a business that was in the name of my mother, but I was only around 1 year.
Now we are about to enter the years of success since the previous years were only preparing me with different businesses where I was and I made money as a Cafe Multilevel where I did very well, but began to make some changes and did not last long in that moment.
After that, several more years passed and in 2008, I started as an Independent Distributor of one of the Largest Nutrition Companies, which was the same one that I had previously known but this time it was I who made the decision to enroll. 
There it helped me to improve a lot controlling my weight and I was training,
But I was only active for about 6 months.
I’m not boring you right? 
It’s just part of my story, so you know me.
4 years later, in 2012, I decided to work harder with the company I started in 2008, so strong that it was the option at that time to get out of my debts. 
I was in a moment, where we could not pay for the car, the apartment and buy food. So I made some decisions and sometimes I bought products with the money from the house to buy products to sell so I could buy food and pay for the car and then pay for the house.
The desire to succeed was so great that I began to climb positions in the company and earn more and more and the business doubled.
Believe me, it was not easy at all but it was achieved only by the desire to improve and improve.
In 2014 I took my first social media training which led me to one of the highest positions in the company in 2016.
No, I will be talking about specific amounts, but I have come to earn more in 1 month than some people earn in 1 year.
This business is an opportunity that if you are really interested in changing your life I can help you to do it for you and your family.
About Year 2020 – An Unforgettable Year 
Now, we are already in January 2021 at this time we have just spent possibly the worst year in the last 100 years of humanity, however in 2019 I started an additional, My additional independent Business offering services of Notary General and Signing Closing Documents Mortgages.
In addition to the two previous projects, in the last 6 months I started working on a project which in November 2020 I took it out and it is already on the Internet which is StarNetSpeed. 
This is a Hosting or Hosting service for Internet pages and services (An Internet Server) where you can place your Internet page or it helps you to have one and host it at 
In addition in 2020 I started with a Motivation Podcast which can be found on all major podcast systems “Start A Change”
Apple Podcasts:
And before the end of 2020 in December I launched a Multivendor Service (, where people can sell new or used products or items, you can also earn by referrals and get a page which can place their own banner and / or logo and sell products.
So if all this was possible without leaving the main nutrition company, it means that 
You can achieve many things in your life.
Note: Everything achieved has been without leaving one to do the other, since they are different from each other, it does not affect me. It is the way to grow as an Entrepreneur / Entrepreneur
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Yes, you want to make a change in your life and that of your family, you only need a Coach to motivate you and help you grow and be successful. 
Let me be that person who helps you change your life, only if you are really willing to change.
Changes and success do not come overnight, it takes time and effort. If you are willing, I can help you.
All you have to do is send me a message saying that you want me to help you change and that you are going to be willing to change.
Before I begin to help you, I will ask you a series of questions to see your seriousness and begin to help you.
Now I say goodbye to you thanking you for reading my story and visiting the page.
Do not forget to continue reading future posts.
Much success, wishes you 
Luis B Rivera 
Motivation Coach